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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Truck Stock Thursday-VibeAway Pads

Sometimes a washing machine will exhibit excess vibrations. In a bad case the machine can dance around the laundry room or even feel like it is going to shake your house off of its foundations. Sometimes this can be caused by an out of balance load. Of course if it is an ongoing problem, sometimes there are mechanical causes that a qualified repair person could identify and repair. But frequently the problem is simply in its design. Newer machines often spin faster than old ones. This draws more water from the laundry and reduces drying time, thus saving you in energy. These higher speeds can cause higher and more noticeable vibrations. Luckily a company call BGreen Innovations has invented a solution. Using recycled rubber, which is environmentally friendly, they have created pads that can be placed under your washers feet. These act as damper and reduce the effect caused by today's high speed motors. I could tell you how great this product works, but this review on YouTube offers a neutral opinion. If you would like to give them a try ask your friendly neighborhood W.L. May parts person for part number VA1.

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