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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey, All!

Hope summer is being good to all of you - it's been really hot here (upper 90's) and us Pacific Northwesterners are just not built for it - that's why we live where we do!  My sympathies to you all in hotter areas!

I just can not stress how important and helpful it is to you to have some kind of Superhero Book - whether paper or on your computer - not a day goes by that I don't use mine.  And the gratitude of your boss, co-workers and customers is beyond price - good job security, too!  lol.

Some things I added this week were in-line fuses for Kitchenaid ovens - 4456654 & 4451042, clips that go on the crisper rails for an Electrolux refrigerator - the rails are 240579807 and the clips you can get separately, 241993701.  Honey-Sriracha glazed buffalo wings...wait a minute!  How did that get in there?!?

Anything that you can't find by conventional means needs to go in your Book - believe me, you will kick yourself if you don't and have to go through that torturous research route a second time!

Stay cool, have fun and be safe!  Have a great week!

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