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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday W.L. May Profile: Todd Shepard

Reprinted from: What's Cooking At W.L.May Volume 1 Issue 6-Todd Shepard has lived almost a "vagabond lifestyle", having lived in many areas of the Country, from the eastern shores of Vermont, to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Born in Rutland, VT, he was raised in Northfield, MA. As a high school student, Todd loved studying U.S History, and playing athletics; he was a member of the Northfield Mt. Hermon Hogs basketball team, playing center and power forward.

Upon graduation from high school, Todd enrolled at the College of Wooster, located about 50 miles southwest of Cleveland, Ohio where he majored in International Relations, with a minor in Spanish; his interest in Spanish fueled by the fact his father is a Spanish Professor. Once he earned his degree, Todd sought a "new adventure". Based on a fraternity brother's recommendation, Todd "loaded up the truck" and moved to Portland, OR.

Along with his wife Minnie, they are the proud parents of 2 highly educated and motivated children; a 20 year old daughter, Emily, enrolled at Oregon State University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business, and a 17 year old son, Miles, involved in his high school's Debate Club and Theater. Todd has an extreme eclectic taste in music, from the Grateful Dead, jazz, blues, reggae, and all in between, including classical. In his free time, Todd loves spending time with his family and following basketball; he knows everyone's stats from high school players up, including professional players.

Todd has called W.L May Co home for almost 10 years. When asked what he likes most about working at W.L. May, he said he "enjoys connecting with my customers, helping them solve their problems, and providing service that allows them to be profitable. I always approach things from my customers' perspective, and try to do what's in their best interests." It is precisely what separates W.L. May Co from other Distributors; having the customers' best interest and success as their guiding principle. If you have the chance, give Todd a call; ask him what Paul Pierce's shooting percentage is; he'd probably know it, too.


  1. Todd has provided outstanding "after hours" service to us many times. He is always helpful. Thanks Todd.

  2. Todd brings an ethic to W.L. May that other companies should strive for! Thanks Todd


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