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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday W.L. May Profile: Bridget Smart

Reprinted from: What's Cooking At W.L.May Volume 1 Issue 8-Bridget Smart, a native of Kalispell, MT, has seen more of the country than most, all before her 10th birthday. As a child she has lived in various cities; in addition to Kalispell, she's lived in Spokane, WA, Anchorage, AK, and Green Acres, WA, before her family "settled down" in Mukilteo, WA. A graduate of Everett's Mariner High School, known as the Marauders, she attended the University of Washington, receiving her degree in 2000, majoring in Physics/Astronomy.

Bridget and her husband Bob, an appliance technician himself, with their 11 year old daughter Sierra, currently reside in Auburn, WA. During her childhood, from the 4th grade through high school graduation, Bridget was an avid flute musician. Her early exposure to music led to diverse musical interests ranging from Classical, Punk, Rockabilly, Celtic, Jazz, and Blues. As is common to many Northwest residents, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and backpacking, and has a strong love for participating in "hot yoga"; performing yoga exercises in a room with a temperature of 105' and equally high humidity. Talk about working up a good sweat.

Employed at W.L. May Co since 2003, she has been known to "do it all". While she wears many hats, one of her main responsibilities is running the shipping and receiving department, as well as facilitating the Seattle delivery run. When asked what she likes best about her job, she responded, "I work with a bunch of great co-workers, and I have always liked to be helpful and resolve peoples' issues; it gives me satisfaction." Bridget is one of many valued employees at W.L. May Co, and if you are ever in the Seattle area, stop by, and introduce yourself; she would just love the opportunity to help find the correct part you are seeking.

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