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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Customer Dis-service

Here is a man on the street video of people sharing their bad customer service experiences. A few thoughts cam to mind as I watched this video. The first is that people seem to enjoy sharing their bad customer service stories with others. It seems true that if you give good service the customer will tell a friend, if you give bad service they will tell 4 friends. In a service oriented industry such as ours, where trust is essential, customer service is of particular importance because many folks ask their friends for recommendations. The second take away is that some folks can be pretty mean to the customer service provider if they are not happy. So keeping customers happy will make a happier day for you too, And lastly, almost a side note, is that people really appreciate a live person to answer the phone, not some automated phone system. That is why W.L.May Company still uses live switchboard receptionists. It's just a small part of the things we do to provide you with good service. Enjoy the video....

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