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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Truck Stock Thursday: Safe-T-Elements

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, "Ranges, with or without ovens, accounted for the majority (58%) of home cooking fire incidents and even lager shares of civilian deaths (87%)." It's no surprise to find that the appliance in home with the most direct heat would start the most fires. Due to advances in technology, that number could be greatly reduced. Pioneering Technologies has created a great fire prevention solution with the Safe-T-Element. This electric range modification works by causing the element to cycle on and off keeping the element hot enough to cook as normal while staying just below the point of ignition. This has a side benefit of reducing electrical usage while it helps provide fire safety. Studies show that the majority of kitchen related house fires are in the homes of seniors, students, a low income residents. In many rental situations these are the tenants in the units. If you do service for, or own or operate a rental unit, the Safe-T-Element is a worthwhile investment for the extra layer of protection it provides to your property. Of course, the Safe-T-Element can help protect ANY home with an open coil electric range. Check out the video below and for more information or to order Safe-T-Elements, contact us at W.L. May Company.

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