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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Watch this Wednesday: GE Refrigerator Repair

Today we feature another video from our old friend, the Appliance Samurai. In this video, we get to watch as he troubleshoots and fixes a side by side GE refrigerator that isn't cooling. We hope some of you will find this information to be useful.


  1. You have shared very useful details..sometimes its better to hire an appliance repair professional to repair the appliances because its risky to try and fix your own appliances. You may end up doing more damage.

  2. Absolutely. That's a good point that can't be stressed enough. Not only could you do more damage to your appliance when you are into a job beyond your skills, but you could hurt yourself or worse. Also, its not unusual for someone to spend a lot more than a service call would cost trying to do it themselves to save money.

  3. A very nice point put across. Really helpful to the users.


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