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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Part Thesaurus

Hey, there!

As some of you may know, I do some training here at W L May of new employees (welcome Mandy and Crem!) and the biggest stumbling block is that there are different names for just one part!

How many of you have been looking for a defrost thermostat and the research materials calls it a bi-metal?  Or for the door boot for a front load washer and it's called a bellow or gasket?  Drives me nuts, too. So I thought I'd list some everyday parts and some other names they might be called. (Keep it clean, guys! lol)

Transmission:  gearcase, mode shifter
Thermostat: bi-metal, terminator, fuse, thermistor, sensor, temperature control
Door boot:  bellows, gasket
Gasket:  seal
Defrost control:  adaptive defrost, defrost timer, jazz board
Refrigerator door bars:  shelf, bin, guardette, pick off shelf
Touchpad:  Membrane switch, overlay, control panel, console
Oven control:  ERC, EOC, timer, clock, migration control (what's up with THAT one?), electronic control, range control, main brain, smartboard (this is for microwaves),
Damper assembly:  diffuser, air supply (no, not the band!)

I'm sure there are way more out there and if you want to contribute to this list, let me know.  There are always new ones popping up everyday!

Guess what?  Here's another new page for your Book!

Have a great week!

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