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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Revolutionary New Product

W.L. May is proud to make the announcement of a new clothes dryer that we have received an exclusive contract to distribute. The product is a revolutionary new design created by a young Portland engineer who specializes in creating unique hybrid machinery. It offers many of the features you would expect in a top of the line dryer. Features include a stainless steel drum, 25 settings to handle every fiber type allowed for clothing usage by the FTA, as well as an animated led control panel that features a library of over 15,000 apps that can be downloaded customize your laundry experience. The true genius of this product is its unique hybrid energy efficient design. During regular operation the dryer runs under normal electric current as you would expect. To increase efficiency, at certain times in the cycle, the dryer reaches into its inventory of spare socks collected during usage and using its patented no exhaust combustion chamber shifts to closed system steam power unit that provides transferred heat to the laundry. Pricing and item number to follow on its release date of April 1, 3014.

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