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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Replacement Icemakers

Happy Spring, Everyone!

With the advent of warmer weather on the horizon (and, hopefully it shows up soon!), those icemakers are going to be working overtime.  And, unfortunately, some will give up the ghost and have to be replaced.  I know I have a problem sometimes figuring out which icemaker goes in which refrigerator when it is not on the normal parts breakdown, so we have developed a cheat sheet for them so we don't have to call constantly.  (Just a little hint - when they are listed they are usually at the very bottom of the parts list under non-illustrated parts).


If the icemaker is in the freezer section and the module part number is W10190935 then the replacement icemaker is 4317943.

If the icemaker is in the door and takes module 8201515 then the icemaker is 2198597.  This is for the 25 or 27 cubic foot models.  If it is a 22 cubic model then the icemaker is W10190961.

And if you have one of those 5 cube icemakers the latest number subs to the W10190961.


Most popular replacement is 5303918277 although check first - there are a few odd ones out there.

                                                             Creative Commons license on image.


Most popular is WR30X10093 - again, check your look-ups or call your W L May account manager.

Next week:  Vocabulary (Doesn't it bug you that there are 3 different names for one part?)

If anyone has a subject that they'd like me to address, please let me know - have a great week!

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