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Thursday, March 7, 2013

ASTI report

Wow!! What a day yesterday was.. We met several new "friends", and were able to visit with many old ones. It was cool visiting with Patty and Cody Husk from Cody's in Eagle ID, Justin Duby from T& N in Grants Pass, OR, David Schnelli from Glenwood Appliance in Eugene, OR, and Adam Butcher, one of the industry's future "rock stars" out of Cleveland, OH.

Todd attended a class called Business Efficiencies with Cutting Edge Technologies, presented by Adam Butcher. Adam outlines many of the ways he has made his business much more efficient and profitable. His ideas are truly "cutting edge". I was able to attend a class that outlined the many reasons a membership in USA is an investment in your future success that should be made; your return on that investment is limitless.

Finally the evening found Todd and I manning our booth and sharing our customer centered educational based philosophy. We realize that education, both technological training, and business concepts training, will take an Appliance Service Company to the next level of success..

We're excited to see what great things are in store for us today.

Post forwarded from Bradley Cantors Phone on location.


  1. Brad, are you calling me old? LOL!

  2. Patty,
    I know better than that..It was a mis-print..It should have read "ol'"..I know better than to call a woman old.. LOL!!


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