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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Tomboy Tools

Hey, All,

Having been and always will be a tomboy, raised by a mechanic father who could fix anything and a fix-it-yourself mom, I have always been a bit handy with tools and fixing things myself.  So having tools around the house has always been a must.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a company called Tomboy Tools (now called Project Home) and fell instantly in love with their company and product.  Started by three women homeowners who had projects to do, they figured for a variety of reasons that they could do it themselves without waiting for someone else to do them.

They starting using tools designed for men, who have bigger hands and more strength than women, and decided to design their own tools designed for women.  These durable, lightweight and ergonomically designed tools are as tough and durable as any of the Craftsman, Snap-on, Stanely or any other tool manufacturer out there.  And they are PINK!  And they have power tools!

Now while I am definately not a pink person, I have a lot of these tools.  Not only are they easier to find in a dark toolbox, but I can leave my pink box knife
Quick Changing Utility Knife
 anywhere in our warehouse and it finds its way back to my desk.  And many guys would think twice about using your pink tools.

Tomboy Tools believes in educating women and girls on using their tools and in their home parties will show you the proper ways to use them.  They also are into charitible foundations with their Pink For A Purpose Fund that raises funds for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Avon Foundation for Women and others.

The Pink Diamond Kit
Every woman needs her own tools - hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, etc - for all those little things around the house - fixing kids' toys, hanging pictures, putting together a dollhouse, but why stop there?  Why pay a handyman or wait for some other male to get around to doing those bigger projects?  Need to retile your bath?  Put in new flooring?  Do it yourself with your own tools.  Want to contribute to society with Habitat for Humanity or other group?  Show up in your fully loaded pink leather toolbelt with your pink toolbox full of the tools you'll need to help build a house for someone.
The Basics Tool Kit

Check out this company and you will find a tool or tool kit for every purpose - gardening, painting, and plumbing to name a few - and find a consultant in your area for a party or just order online.  Hey, you guys out there - here is a great idea for gifts for the gals in your life - birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas, Mother's Day - and then they'll keep their hands off your tools.

So if you are looking for a great bridal shower gift or just need some tools to call your own, check out Project Home's website.

Have a great week!

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