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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kelly's Korner - New Superhero Book Add-ons

Hey, All,

It has been awhile since I've posted any items for you to add to your Superhero Book.   What's a Superhero Book?  It is the place you put all the things you can't find by regular methods and have had to call W L May for info from the manufacturer's.  Or it is for anything that you use regularly and don't want to look it up by normal means.  Click on the link above for all past articles on this subject.

New item:  GE has a new dryer maintenance kit - WE49X21874.  This kit has the WE14M124 top bearing, 2 of the WE1M504 white glides, 2 of the WE1M1067 green glides, a WE09X20441 lower felt seal and the WE12M29 drum belt - big savings over buying these parts individually.

With that, is the maintenance kit for the older GE dryers - WE49X20697 - this has the WE3M26 (now in the process of changing to WE03X20570), 2 each of the WE1M504 and WE1M1067 glides, a WE9M30 lower felt and a WE12M29 belt.

Also, Whirlpool/Maytag is in the process of changing manufacturers of their refrigerator water filters and the old part numbers will be changing also.  I know, if you've had some of these memorized it will be a pain on new part numbers, but changing part numbers are a way of life.

Old#                                   New#
W10295370A                    EDR1RXD1 
W10295370AP                  EDR1RXD2 (2 pack) 
W10413645A                    EDR2RXD1 
W10413645AP                  EDR2RXD2 (2 pack) 
W10193691                       all sub to EDR3RXD1 
W10193691P                    all sub to EDR3RXD2 (2 pack) 
UKF8001                          both sub to EDR4RXD1 
UKF8001P                        both sub to EDR4RXD2 (2 pack) 
4396918                            both sub to EDR5RXD1 
4396508P                          EDR5RXD2 (2 pack) 
8212652                            all sub to EDR5RXD1 
8212652P                          both sub to EDR5RXD2 (2 pack) 
4396701                            EDR6D1 
UKF7003                          EDR7D1 
8171414                           both sub to EDR8D1 
WF401S                           no change

Well, this ought to keep you busy for a bit.  Remember, for excellent customer service be a Superhero!

Have a great week!

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