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Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Featured W.L. May Employee: Stefanie Halstead (Crays)

This is the part of the blog where we share a little about ourselves. Today we would like to introduce you to one of the people that help provide you with our famously fast and accurate customer service.

Name? Stefanie Halstead (Crays)

Job Title? Receptionist/Accounting Assistant

Where did you grow up? Born in Medford, we moved to California when I was a baby.  I lived in Southern California until I was 13.  We moved up to Oregon just in time for me to go to high school up here .  I’ve lived in Oregon for 19 years and can’t imagine living in any other state.

How long have you been with W.L. May? It will be 3 years in August

What did you do prior to joining W.L. May? I worked as sales/customer service out at Universal Appliance Parts for 4 years.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work? My husband and I brew beer together,  I LOVE cooking. We love to take our Bernese Mountain dog out on hikes and to the beautiful dogs parks around town. We are avid road cyclists and have a deep love for camping and music festivals.

To what do you credit your success? Determination, there have been a lot of hurdles in this lifetime but pure determination is how I’ve made it this far.

What do you like about working at WL May? The variety of personalities that we get to experience day to day!  You learn something new from every experience and what a privilege to learn from such a diverse group!!

Can you share one piece of advice for others in our industry? Patience is key.  Customers appreciate it , co-workers appreciate it and everyone benefits from it.

Can you share something most people do not know about you? I’m very afraid of heights.  I will get on an airplane no problem but heights in a less then secure situation completely terrify me.

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