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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Tweets Refrigerator Edition

While looking through our Twitter feed we found these refigerator tweets to share with you.

Beginning the project can be the hardest part. Hemingway suggests starting a project by doing a different project you like even less.

Another approach is to just jump in and get it done!

Speaking of starting the day right. This tweeter has the right attitude.

Some people don't start the day so well. This tweeter sympathizes.

Off to a hungry morning, some take this approach.

Encountering an empty refrigerator can bring this thought to mind.

No breakfast makes for a long morning, but the refrigerator at work can be a whole other kind of experience.

The mess that leads to the notes.

Life just is not as simple as when we were kids.

Maybe some new technology will help, but I doubt it!

If the refrigerator from Sony takes off we may need some one liners like this just to get lunch!

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