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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Freezers

Hey, All,

Nearly had an emergency this weekend:  I came home Friday night and went out to my chest freezer (which sits outside my kitchen door on a covered porch) and one of my dear darling children had left the lid up!  No telling how long it had been open but the meat that was on the top was nearly thawed out.

Panic!  I had just gone grocery shopping and the freezer was filled to the top.  And I didn't have room in my fridge freezer for everything.  What to do, what to do?

First of all, calm the heck down!  Nothing was ruined yet, so I shut the lid.  There was enough ice buildup inside (yeah, it needs a defrosting and cleaning) to keep things cool enough for awhile.  Enough time to see if it was going to refreeze.  I could barely hear something running but wasn't sure if the compressor and freezing system was actually working.  I think the lid had been up since the evening before.  And, since it was late Friday evening, there wasn't much I could do until Saturday - clean out inside freezer and call everyone I know to see if they had room in theirs and call my favorite techs for advice.  ARGH!!!!!

I checked it before I went to bed a few hours later - not much changed.  Things were cooler but I couldn't be sure if it was just from the coldness already in there or if it was actually working.  I woke up a couple of times during the night but couldn't get myself out of bed to go check on it - bad news will wait, right?

So when I got up Saturday the first thing I did was go check - YAHOO!!!!  Everything was frozen solid!  Happy dance, happy dance!  Someone up there loves me!  But, there are some things I do need to do and you might need to do on your deep freeze, too:

1.  Get the baby defrosted and cleaned out (should have done that before I went shopping lol!)
2.  Clean out underneath, around and inside the compressor area - please unplug before you do this and use caution so you don't disconnect or break any wires or connections.
3.  Check out the door seal (yes, mine needs replacing!)

With summer coming and harvest and hunting seasons not far off, now would be the most excellent time for you to get this done or to call a repairperson if it needs some TLC you can't handle.  And if you need to replace that door seal (or any other parts) grab your model number and give W L May a call.

Have a great week!

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