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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3 Dryer Makers and 6 Service Kits

A clothes dryer is probably the simplest of the major appliances. There are a limited number of moving parts, they are easy for the lay person to understand, and for the most part the same designs have stayed in place for years. Since a clothes dryer is so simple it can also be one of the easier things to service. As a pro repair person, its probably a job you love. The easy diagnostics and and easy servicing make it appealing, it also makes it the kind of project a do-it-yourselfer might try to tackle.

If you are looking to do one of these repairs, or if you are helping out a DIY person with parts, it makes sense to change out all the parts that are also likely to be wearing out when you do the repair. Luckily, most manufacturers offer kits that include all the parts that have a tendency to wear out. Usually, the kits cost less than buying the individual parts.

Here are maintenance kits for the three largest American appliance makers.


  • 4392065-Used on most 27" dryers. Contains  multi-rib belt (part 341241), drum support roller kit (part 349241T), idler pulley (part 691366), and installation instructions.
  • 4392067-Used on some 27" dryers (frequently commercial machines). Contains multi-rib belt (part 661570), 4 support rollers (part 3396802), idler assembly (part 3388672), and installation instructions. 
  • 4392068-Used on 24" dryers. Contains multi-rib belt (part 3394652) drum support roller kit (part 349241), idler pulley (part 691366) and installation instructions.


  • 5304457724-"New Style" for machine from 2002-Present. Contains drive belt (part 134503600), rear bearing kit (part 5303281153), idler pulley/bracket assembly (part 131863000), upper front felt seal (part 5303937182), lower front felt seal (part 5303937183)
  • 5304461262-"Old Style" for machine prior to 2002.  Contains 88" drum belt (part 134503600), bearing kit (part 5303281153), idler pulley (part 131863007), upper front felt seal (part 5303937139), and lower front felt seal (part 5303283286), needed adhesive and grease.

General Electric

  • WE49X20697-Contains belt (part WE12M29), top bearing (part WE3M26), two white glides (part WE1M504), two green glides (part WE1M1067), and lower felt seal (part WE9M30)
The next time you are servicing a dryer, remember these kits. They can frequently save time by preventing further problems before they occur and by simplifying the parts ordering process. They can also save you money over the cost of buying the parts individually. Consider adding at least one of each kit to your inventory and remember to offer the kit to people doing their own service. Odds are that when they open the machine they will realize other areas that need maintenance as well and you will be the hero with foresight. Have a great day and happy repairing!


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