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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

W.L. May Wednesday: Everybody Has Gift Ideas in December-Even A Parts House!

Creative Commons license on image.

We are in the thick of the holiday season now. Everywhere you look, people are getting ready for Christmas or whatever they celebrate. We hope you are all having a wonderful time with the season. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be hard to squeeze in time to get a little something extra for the folks in your life. W.L. May is here to help.

Living on the West Coast means that, in a lot of places, patio season is year around. Sometimes in the winter it can be a little chilly out on the deck. Lava Heat Italia makes a really cool looking propane patio heater that we carry. They call it a Lava Lite and it is my pick for the Cadillac of gifts in our inventory. You might have seen this unit used on a few episodes of the cable series "Bar Rescue" to provide stylish heat at a few patio bars they refurbished. A description or a still photo doesn't do this heater justice, but the following video shows the unit off well. If you know of someone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, this would make a stylish and practical gift. Call us for pricing and availability.

On a less extravagant scale, another new item we are carrying is the EveryDrop water filter from Whirlpool. Many people don't drink enough water in the course of their day and this could help make it easier to keep up with their suggested intake. This is a somewhat comparable product to some other brands water filters such as that well known brand that is sold with a pitcher, whose name we won't mention. This filter has a bit to recommend it by way of comparison. First is its portability. The EveryDrop filter comes designed for travel with a special case to make it easy to take the filter with you (and to contain any lingering water droplets after its use). Another point in its favor is how fast it filters the water run through it. This thing is fast. The core filter can be replaced and it even has in indicator to show when the filter was last changed out. The following video shows the product in use. We stock it. Call us for pricing or to order.

In some cases, a great gift is just a helping hand. Have you considered giving a dishwasher rack refurbish as a gift? A package of tines tips and a bottle of rack touch up paint can give the racks in their dishwasher a fresh look for a pretty minimal dollar investment. Another idea would be to clean out their dryer vent. A safe home is a gift that keeps on giving. Tools and parts to do the either job with ease are available from W.L. May.

If none of those ideas work for you, I have just one more suggestion. Beef jerky. What, you say, beef jerky from a parts house? Well, its true. W.L. May is the sole distributor of Luke Jerky. Luke Jerky is small batch, locally made, artisanal jerky made by our very own Wes Luke. The number of repeat customers means that it sells out fast, but it is oh so tasty.

We hope we have been able to provide you with some inspiration to help with your gift giving and that you have a wonderful holiday. Whichever holiday and however you celebrate we wish you the best and look forward to serving you next year and into the future.

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