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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Winterizing

Hey, All,

BRRRRRR!!!!!  It is soooo cold!  I saw on the news Saturday night that the average temperature ACROSS THE COUNTRY was 14.5 degrees!  Way too cold for this lady!

So if you haven't checked (and it may be too late now but not for later) start checking your appliances that may be in an unheated garage, back porch, basement or outbuilding for any cracks and leaking.  And maybe get some heat in there to bring it up above freezing.

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Washers:  Check your incoming water pipes, fill hoses, water valve, pump and other hoses.  Slowly warm these up and check for leaks.  As you know, water expands when frozen and can bust those parts to pieces.  If you have cracks and leaking and aren't up to the task, call your favorite appliance repair company and have them come check things out.

Refrigerators:  If this has an icemaker or is in an unheated garage you may be facing some of the same issues with freezing.  Check fill lines, valves and if it is still running.  Frigidaire brands have what they call a "garage kit" 5303918301 that are for older Frigidaire refrigerators that have difficulities operating in areas that drop below 34 degrees.   This heater kit will NOT work on Frigidaire refrigerators manufactured prior to 2001, on side-by-side or counter-depth models, or on models with electronic controls.  Unfortunately, no other brands have a kit like this so check that second refrigerator.

Also, don't forget your animals, both wild and domestic.  Make sure their water supply is not a block of ice and that their food isn't frozen.  If they sleep outside, either bring them in or give them extra sleeping materials (blankets, straw, etc.) so they sleep warm, too!

I am on vacation from December 13-26 and I will have a last minute shopping tip for next week, but won't be back on the blog until next year.

So from me and mine to you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season!

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