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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday W.L.May Profile: Glyn Stubbs

Reprinted from: What's Cooking at W.L. May Co? Volume 1 Issue 12-Glyn Stubbs has never been one to just sit around and be lazy. A native Portlander, Glyn has been involved in many sports activities since his youth. A 1988 graduate of Benson High School, he played baseball, basketball, and his biggest passion, to this date, golf.

His father, a former professional golfer and tennis player, was instrumental in Glyn's developed passion for sports activities; in other words, the "fruit did not fall from the tree". Glyn developed and refined his golf game while playing 4 years in high school, and was granted a school letter his last 2 years.

Upon high school graduation, he moved to Arkansas, to attend the University of Arkansas, where he played golf for 2 years. With his Associates Degree in hand, Glyn went to work for Lowe's Home Improvement. Over a 10 year period, his hard work and dedication, led to him being named Store Manager of what, at the time, was the largest Lowe's store in their nationwide chain.        

Despite his successful career, Glyn could never squelch the "pull" he felt from home; he missed his friends and family. The pull became overwhelming and in 1999, he made the conscious decision to return to Portland; where his heart always knew was "home".

Once he returned to Portland, Glyn enrolled at Portland State University, and in 2004, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. He landed what many sports fans would say is a dream job when he earned an internship with the Portland Trailblazers in their Media Relations Department. With all the success he enjoyed in life, it came as no surprise that the Trailblazers offered him a full-time position acting as the liaison for media relations for the visiting team; a job that found him at every home game roaming the halls or hanging out in the visitors' locker room. After a disastrous 2006 season, Glyn was the victim of downsizing as the Trailblazers slashed their staff in half, and he found himself seeking employment.

As a man with many talents, it didn't take him long to find another opportunity, and in March of 2006 he was hired by W.L. May Co in customer service. Over the last 6 years, Glyn has many achievements, but is most proud of the respect he has earned from his peers, as well as from the many customers he is responsible for providing superb support and service. When asked what his favorite part of his job was, without hesitation he stated it was working with the people on a daily basis. He values the friendships he has developed and looks forward to forging many new relationships as he moves forward. If you are in need of appliance research, or just need help with your golf game, give Glyn a call; he'll fix your swing and game in no time at all.

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