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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kelly's Korner - New Items

Hey, All!

We've added some new accessory items that you may need, want or like.

The first is the Every Drop portable water filter by Whirlpool.  This is a portable water filter that you can stick in a backpack, car or camping stuff that comes in its own plastic holder.  It filters  hard, soft, warm and cold water.  One filter has a 60 gallon capacity and replaces 450 plastic water bottles per filter.  They come in two colours and are $22.99 retail and the replacement filter is $13.99:

Blue:  DBWL2SM1
White:  DWWL2SM1
Replacement Filter:  DWWC2S1

Because of the unique design of this filter, it will fit a water bottle, cup, glass or pitcher and filters water through way faster that anything else I've seen.  No need to hook up to your faucets in any way, and you can have one sitting next to every faucet in your house.  Makes a great gift, too!

A couple of other items you may find useful:

GE dishwasher side mounting kit - WX13X10001 - in case you have a countertop that you can't drill into to anchor your dishwasher.

Another dishwasher mounting kit - L304458800 - for use on those solid surface counters.  These have a super sticky backing that you can stick to the underside of your counter and then anchor your dishwasher.  We've used them here on our display models and they don't budge.

Next week:  More Traeger!

Have a great week!

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