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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weekly Wednesday Stock Ideas: Ranges

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available this week. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information.

Last week we focused on the dryers. This week we are returning to the kitchen to look at some range parts.

Lets begin with a few cleaning products. If you have a show room these are very good accessory items to have on display. Several techs we know of carry an accessory briefcase with cleaning products available for homeowners to purchase while they are servicing an appliance.

Glass cooktops can be a challenging item to clean. Fortuantely, Whirlpool offer a cleaner specifically designed for glass cooktops. This 10 oz bottle of cleaner, part number 31464, is safe for all glass and ceramic cooktops. It can also be safely used on glass cookware and sinks. In the bathroom, it can also be used on shower doors and fiberglass shower stalls.

Electrolux goes to market with their own version of a cooktop cleaner. They call their product Cerama Bryte, we carry it under their part number, L304433208. Like the Whirlpool variety, it can also be used for cleaning stainless and porcelain in a number of scenarios.

In addition to glass cooktops, consumers also sometimes have difficulties with cleaning stainless steel. Summit Products comes to the rescue with Stainless Steel Magic, part number 1860. Coming in an aerosol can this product is great for cleaning stainless steel ranges, of course, but it also can be used to clean any type of stainless steel appliance.

This infinite switch is used for both 6 and 8 inch burners on many Maytag and Jenn-Air Ranges. Part number 7403p402-60.

There are some Whirlpool ranges that have a thermal fuse at the back of the oven cavity. In appearance, these are very similar to dryer thermostats. Part number 9759243 is a very common part for this application.
Over the years a lot of smaller range manufacturers have come and gone. Many of those old ranges from out of business manufacturers are still working well in the field. One of the more likely things to fail on a gas range is the oven igniter. Supco's SGR403 is suitable replacement for many older ranges round igniters. This  part also fits some newer machines, however we recommend using the manufacturers OEM part when possible.

Those same manufacturers also made a lot of electric ranges. For these a common request is for surface elements. For plug in surface elements that have a Y-shaped support under the calrod, For this, some servicers use part number MP15YA. It is a 6 inch diameter element rated at 1500 watts.

The big brother to the MP15YA, is the MP26YA. For 8 inch burners, the MP26YA is a 2600w unit that is 8 inch 5 turn.


 The last item we are featuring this week is also an 8 inch 5 turn 2600w plug in element. The difference is that this surface unit is designed for use when canning. Canning often uses heavier pots than the average consumer uses for cooking meals. The MP26KA features a reinforced support to accommodate the extra weight involved when canning.

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