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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Trivia Challenge

Do you think you know all about appliances? Here is a short set of trivia questions to test your knowledge.

1. What is Plink?
2. When did GE first introduce a complete line of heating and cooking appliances?
3. What is Glide-N-Guard?
4. As of 2010, what is the average time for a load of laundry from wash to dry?
5. What is the part number of the common stainless steel, conventional coil Jenn Aire cartridge?
6. GE first introduced a self cleaning oven in what year?
7. What cleaning product is particularly good at removing adhesive residues on appliances?
8. According to Luxury Real Estate, what percentage of new builds have laundry rooms on the second floor?

1. Dishwasher deodorizer "pills" that come in lemon, orange and lavender scents
2. 1907 (Source: http://www.geappliances.com/build-with-ge/downloads/kitchens_of_tomorrow_today.pdf)
3. Plastic tracks that can be laid down to protect a floor while moving a refrigerator.
4. One Hour and 27 minutes. (Source: http://pressroom.geappliances.com/news/laundry_facts_07)
5. JEA7000ADS
6. 1963 (Source: http://www.geappliances.com/build-with-ge/downloads/kitchens_of_tomorrow_today.pdf)
7. Goo Gone
8. 61 percent (Source: http://pressroom.geappliances.com/news/laundry_facts_07)

O-2 correct: You know a bit about appliances, but still have a lot to learn.
2-4 correct: You know a fair amount about appliances.
4-6 correct: You know a lot about appliances. Pass some of that knowledge on to someone.
6-8 correct You are an appliance star! Great job!

This is a monthly feature. To submit your appliance trivia questions (and answers) email: rob.m@wlmay.com with the subject line "trivia".

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