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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kelly's Korner - I GOT A TRAEGER!!!

Hey, All,

Yippee, hurray, with a happy dance thrown in there - after years of throwing my name in the ring at our company functions for the Traeger barbeque, I FINALLY won!!!!  More happy dances!

The first problem I ran into - how do I get this home?  I thought maybe dropping the top of my VW bug convertible and set it in the back seat, but that didn't work.  Good thing my kids' friends have bigger vehicles and Elissa dropped by work and took it to my house in her SUV.  Yay!

So now I have it home, and with me reading the instructions and Kevin (#2 son) doing all the work, (ha, I've got them trained well, right?) we got it put together.

Bryan (#1 son) spent hours on the computer watching Youtube videos, Alton Brown shows, and other sites collecting advice, tips and recipes to try out on the Traeger.  Our first meal cooked on it was boneless pork chops.  Bryan marinated them in his own concoction and tossed them on the grill - YUM!  Moist, flavorful and just plain yummy!

So, Thursday night he put a pork roast in a brine overnight and Friday smoked it on the Traeger for pulled pork sandwiches, plus some sweet peppers and onions to munch on for dinner.  Total heaven!  It was soooo good!

I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of money on meat!  And hardly ever using the oven again.  Bryan is brining a turkey today that is going on the grill tomorrow - can't wait!  As soon as he gives me the recipes he's using I will post them.

To find out more about Traeger barbeques, read my previous post, or better yet, come on down to W L May and buy one for yourself - you'll never have another barbeque!

Have a great week!

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