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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Appliance Decorating

Hey, there!

So you have this big, white refrigerator in your kitchen - what do you have stuck on it?  A few pictures that your kids drew, decorative magnets, recipes?  Pretty much a refrigerator is a blank canvas waiting for inspiration.  Here are some ideas to spruce it up.

Take all those pictures you have stored on your phone or computer and print them on magnets.  You can buy sheets of magnetic paper that will go through your printer.  Spend some time arranging several on a sheet and print, then cut them out and stick them to your fridge.  You can even get some inexpensive plastic frames and glue magnets on the back to frame them.

You can also use the frame idea for kids' artwork - makes it a lot neater looking hanging on the fridge.

If you have one or two sides of your fridge exposed, assign portions to each family member for memos, notes and reminders or you can find magnetic dry erase boards and make your own notification center.

Duct tape comes in a wide variety of sizes, colours and patterns.  Get creative and make stripes and patterns to compliment your decor.  Check out contact paper.  There is lots of variety there, too.  And it makes a nice background for the pictures and artwork.  Get tired of it?  Just strip it off, wipe it down with a bit of Goo-Gone and put something else on there.  Wow!  Just checked out this site and it's got TONS of interesting stuff!

Pinterest had a ton of ideas that you can peruse.  Caution:  Pinterest is very addicting!  Set yourself a time limit!  You can get lost on that website and spend HOURS just looking at stuff!

If you are really artistic, get your acrylic paints out and get your artist on.

Then, when you got it all figured out, do a mini/matching version for your dishwasher.  Have fun!  Your imagination is your only limitation.

Have a great week!

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