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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Peacock Lane

W.L. May Company is closed today so that we can celebrate the holiday season with our families. We hope you are celebrating as well this holiday season.

Since 1929, Portland has a holiday tradition that brings the city together during this time of short days and long nights. There is a street in Portland called Peacock Lane that dresses up thoroughly for Christmas. It is a popular choice for a winter stroll, and many carloads of people drive down it as well. Even tour buses and horse drawn carriages parade down the busy residential street. We would like to take you there via some images we found on Flickr.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Peacock Lane
(Flickr User Aaron Parecki/CC)
Peacock Lane Rules
(Flickr User Dianne Yee/CC)
Peacock Lane Tourbus
(Flickr User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Carriage Ride
(Flickr User User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Colorful House
(Flickr User Francis Storr/CC)
Peacock Lane Schroeder
(Flickr User User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Peanuts
(Flickr User User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Rudolph Lighting
(Flickr User User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Flamingos
(Flickr User User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Grinch
(Flickr User User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Muppet Christmas Carol
(Flickr User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Nativity Scene
(Flickr User mike krzeszak/CC)
Peacock Lane Holiday Greeting
(Flickr User mike krzeszak/CC)
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