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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gift Ideas From W.L. May Company

(Flickr user Tony Alter/CC)
Its the Holiday Season, and Santa Claus has toy for every good girl and good little boy. For the rest of us, its time to go shopping. Did you know that W.L. May can help meet some of your gift needs?

Of course, we know that appliance parts probably won't cut it as gift (unless you include installing the parts). W.L. May does keep on hand some kitchen and home decor items that WOULD make good gift items.

For a few years now, W.L. May has been working with a local artist from Vancouver, WA. Allen Design Studios make these whimsical ceramic clocks that we feature in store. I've lost count of how many people I have seen looking these clocks and have heard numerous conversations suggesting what a great gift idea they are.

Here at W.L. May we have a particular soft spot for the Vintage Mixer  (we know it is really a Kitchenaid mixer) and  Chef Suey clocks. The Wine Time and Steamin' Tea clocks also get a lot of attention.

Another item that makes a great gift for the barbeque-er in your home is a Traeger grill. These pellet grills are a great option for winter grilling and do an excellent job cooking all year around. If you already have a Traeger grill already, you know what we are talking about. In addition to the grills, we stock a wide variety of wood pellets, seasoning rubs and other Traeger accesories.

Do you have a hard working repairman to buy for? A less fun, but still very practical gift would be a new  meter. We stock a wide compliment of meters and testing equipment from UEI.

We would love to help meet some your Holiday shopping needs. What we want even more than that, is for you and your family and friends to have the best Christmas ever! Happy Holidays from W.L. May.

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