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Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Featured Client: Crater Lake Appliance

The Staff of Crater Lake Appliance -Stefani, Kim, Dan, and Byron
Once a month we feature a client on this blog. It's way of saying thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help with a companies success, also it is a way of showing positive community involvement from the appliance service industry. We have found that there are a lot of unsung heroes in the appliance business, we want the world to know that. If YOUR business has had more success due to our help, or if your company is doing great things in your community, we would love to know about and share it with the world. To be featured email me at rob.m@wlmay.com.

Byron Strickland

Crater Lake Appliance

Contact Info:
(541) 770-4565

Where did you grow up?
Bakersfield, California

How long in the trade?
I started in 1985, in Klamath Falls. I got out of it from 1990-1995 to do maintenance work at the community college and then got back into it in 1995 in Medford.

How long in your current company?
Since 2001

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?
I try to get out and do things to get away from the stress of work. Fishing is my hobby. I have a friend on the Oregon Coast with a fishing boat and sometimes we will spend the night on the boat and head out early for the fishing. Its a lot of fun!

To what do you credit your success?
I have worked for several companies in the past and I tried to take lessons from those experiences. I found that sometimes the biggest thing is just to tell people when you will be there and actually show up. People are impressed by that. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated-that seems to go a long way.

What do you like about doing business with W.L. May?
Rob, and the whole company at W.L. May, seem to go a bit further than other  companies. I keep using them as a result. Overnight shipping makes me look good to my customers. They also keep me up-to-date by letting me know about new products and accessories.

Can you share one piece of advice for others in our industry?
Be as honest as you can be. I think honesty goes a long way. People are skeptical and rely on us to know what works (and doesn't) and to honestly share that with them.

Can you share something with us that not many people would know?
I am not necessarily the most outgoing guy by nature, but I try to overcome that to provide my customers better and more comfortable service. Those skills have carried over and improved other aspects of my life.

If you would like YOUR company profiled as a featured client send an email to rob.m@wlmay.com

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