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Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas

The arrival of fall means Halloween is coming soon. Here at W.L. May this is a big holiday. We all let our hair down one last time before we begin the rush that is the holiday season. We traditionally celebrate by having a costume contest and a lunch. If you have a similar event that would like your participation you may need to come up with a costume.

Over the years, as you might imagine, appliance parts have been used for costume pieces several times that I can recall. Years ago, a couple of amazingly good storm trooper costumes were fashioned from washing machine and dryer parts. Sadly, I have no pictures of that costume to share with you.

Shannon from our accounting department had  a great Electric range costume last year. If you have several old parts, a big box and a can of spray paint, this would be a an relatively easy and quite flashy costume. Here is Shannon modeling her creation:

A few years ago one of our warehouse guys showed that dead appliance parts can make for an excellent robot costume. Here is a shot of that outfit for your consideration and inspiration.

Appliance parts salvaged from repair jobs can be assembled into an easy, yet impressive costumes. Just remember that if you are inspired to make a kids costume, that the child has enough mobility and that their vision isn't obstructed by the costume. Also be very careful about jagged edges. Some sheet metal parts can give you a nasty cut. Safety first! Have a fun Halloween!

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