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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Your Appliance Repair Business Ready For Winter

Now Is The Time To Get Ready For Winter
It is half way through October. Halloween will be here before you know it. Then the mad rush to Thanksgiving will give way to the business of the holiday season. In the world of appliance repairs the holidays are a busy time as all of that delicious holiday baking starts to happen and range repair get more needed, Also washers and dryers are working overtime adjusting to the bulkier clothes of winter with extra wear and tear on those laundry appliances.

Are you ready for winter? Your appliance parts stock at this time of year should definitely include a bit more in the way of range parts at this time of the year. Bake and broil elements, surface burners or elements, common switches and igniters all have a place in the mix. It's all about avoiding return trips, which can eat into your profits like your weird uncle can tear into a holiday turkey. If you need some help figuring out what to stock, talk to your W.L. May Company representative. Many of these items even have special pricing at this time of year.

When you think about what you might need on hand to address a busy range season, don't forget things like surface element drip pans or refrigerator water filters. Sure, both of those things are available from a lot of sources, Some of those sources might be less than you can reasonably charge. HOWEVER, by having those items on hand when on site doing repairs can prove to be very convenient to the consumer. Even if you are not the least expensive option, the convenience of of you being there with those accessories can easily lead to a add on sales and a larger invoice-and you are providing your customer with a worthwhile value added service.

If you take a look at your stock and determine you have enough on hand, there are other ways to get ready for winter. Think about your service vehicle. Don't let vehicle problems get in the way of providing service. Do you have or need winter tires? What about anti-freeze? Windshield wiper blades? When was the last time your vehicle had a tune up? These things should be a part of a regular maintenance schedule for your business, but if not, now is the time to think about these things.

Lastly, don't forget to look at your winter clothes, If your winter wear is looking a little shabby, it might be time for a new jacket or work boots. You'll never get a second chance to make that first impression, and customers DO notice.

What have I forgotten? If you have any suggestions for how YOU would winterize an appliance business, tell us about in the comments for this post. Thanks for considering W.L. May Company for you repair parts needs. We are looking forward to helping you make this the best winter yet!

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