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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Twitter Tweets: Washing Machine Edition

While looking through our Twitter feed we found these washing machine related tweets to share with you.

Heading into the world of Twitter, it quickly becomes apparent that things are not normal.

Washing machines are screaming...

Washing machines are flooding homes...

When these things start happening it kind of stops being a washing machine and becomes more of an irritation.

In spite of the occasional irritation, we should consider ourselves lucky to have washing machines. 

If you have a washing machine (or a dishwasher) this tweeter suggest you learn how to use yours.

When you know how to use your washing machine, running it might be music to your ears.

Speaking of music, this guy attended a concert and got agitated.

If by destroyed he means drunk, well then, maybe he is responsible for this installation job. By the way, tweeter, that is a dryer that is hanging around in that laundry room.

Returning you to normal, the least we can do is leave you with some actual valid advice. 

Maybe your own washing machine is not acting "normal". If your appliance is screaming, spilling water, or just not making the kind of music it should, don't ignore the problem! Small problems can turn into bigger (and more expensive) problems when they are not dealt with quickly. If you need parts to do the job, give us a call here at W.L. May and we will do every thing we can to get your machine back to "normal".

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