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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Preconceived Notions

This is a repost of a short post from March 17, 2013. It's as true today as it ever was. Consider it food for thought.

A few years ago the ASTI (Appliance Service Technical Institute) was being held, like this year, in Orlando. Being in Florida, our representatives Todd and Bradley expected warm weather-especially when compared to chilly and damp Portland in winter. As a result they packed a wardrobe that would have worked well for a sunny spring day. To their surprise, it was an extra cold week in Orlando and the weather here in Portland was warmer. As a result they spent the week shivering when they went outdoors. Why am I telling you this story? They could have been dressed for cool weather, as Portlanders they certainly had warm coats they could have taken. It was Florida. Florida is usually warm. Their preconceived notions were wrong.

If you do appliance repair for a living preconceived notions can take money right out of your pocket. For example, a lot of times I will hear a servicer saying, before consulting with the client, that their consumer likely won't have a job done because a pricey part was involved in the job. Yet time and again the consumer proves them wrong and has the job done. Other times a technician will assume that a part is no longer available because it is a piece for an older machine. This preconceived notion is also not always correct.

It is true that OFTEN Florida is warmer than Oregon. It is also true that OFTEN a pricey part will make a consumer consider replacement over repair or that an older machine may have a lot of discontinued parts. Experience can blind us into assuming that what is OFTEN true is what is ALWAYS true. So when you go to Florida take along a jacket. When you are looking at an expensive repair job offer your quote with confidence. And when you are dealing with an older appliance take the time to verify availability.

You might be surprised at the results if you can remove your preconceived notions and approach each service call with a positive attitude. Customers will surprise you - I promise. And like they like to say in the lottery ads-you can't win if you don't play!

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