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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Watch This Wednesday: It's Not A Cat Burglar, It's A Dog Burglar!

Recently in my appliance news subscriptions, I received the story of a new addition to the Animal Planet lineup of on air talent. From the Pocono Record

Like many of us, Leo has bad eating habits. He likes to raid the refrigerator between meals. The freezer, too.
Only Leo happens to be a dog. A very naughty dog.
Animal Planet will film Leo's antics today at his owner Susie Forrester's Stroudsburg home.
Leo is a 9½ year-old yellow lab. His reign of terror began about five years ago when Forrester, a pro photographer, got divorced and moved into a new home. Now she can't keep him away from the refrigerated food.
Leo caught the attention of Animal Planet after a video of him opening a fridge and pilfering food was uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago. It caught the attention of the cable show, and Leo will be featured in its "Bad Dog" segment sometime in July.
Naturally, as a lover of all things appliance, this story intrigued me and caused me to do a little YouTube searching. There are a few videos I found of dogs being naughty and raiding the refrigerator, I think our Stroudsberg pooch is in one of the first two videos.

The first video most likely resulted in a call to someone in our business:

The second video features a slightly more crafty dog who looks out the window to make sure the coast is clear, and then begins his crime spree. This video also features a view from inside the refrigerator. Its pretty chaotic camera work for the first few seconds but then they get the camera situated and the fun begins.

And the last is clearly a different dog, but someone showed that old dog a new trick!

We hope you enjoyed these mischievous dogs. If you have a dog that does some tricks, or some petty theft, we would love to hear about in the comments.

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