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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Live Blogging the 2014 ASTI: Excitement Continues..Day 2..

Bradley Cantor sends us the following report from the 2014 ASTI (Appliance Service Technical Institute) in San Diego, CA:

After a great day of classes yesterday, from learning about portraying your "value", branding your business, and the importance of first call completes, it's time for manning our booth and meeting new friends. And of course, enjoying ones known for years..
 This year, they have added many new things including a contest to see who can replace a Samsung Door Boot the fastest..Our booth is right next to the action, and it provides lots of laughter watching contestants feverishly working away..
 What new exciting things await..

Paul MacDonald of USA competing in the boot changing contest

Manny Ortega from Albuquerque, NM and Daniel Beaule` from Montreal, Canada feverishly changing the boot.

Patty and Loren Husk of Cody's Appliance, Boise, ID enjoying ASTI festivities.
Bob Wennerstrom from Blue Streak Bayfield, CO talks to Todd at the W.L. May Co booth.
Thanks to Bradley for the report. We also thank everyone who made the trip to San Diego.
We hope everyone in attendance is having a good time and learning a lot.

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