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Friday, February 15, 2013


A great educational opportunity for companies and individuals in the appliance service trade. Its the Appliance Service Training Institute being held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL March 6-9, 2013. This really is a great training opportunity and From personal experience I can tell you early March is a great time to visit Walt Disney World and the Orlando area.

Discounted pricing still available until Feb 15 with your parts distributors discount code-WLM001.
ONLY $449.00 for USA members after discount
4(really 5) days and over 120 hours of training with meals included.

Click here to view event summary and register or go here for the PDF.

Creative Commons license on image.

What service business owners said about previous ASTI events :

"I consider the convention to be a very valuable training event and place it high on my list of events to attend and to send my employees to. I was impressed with the level of professionalism that was evident with the trainers and organizers and highly recommend that this program be continued. Thank-you for the privilege of attending this convention." Martin Appliance

"This was a phenomenal event offering extraordinary opportunities for personal and corporate advancement powered by knowledge and networking. I am very excited about implementing the remarkable ideas and methods that I learned at ASTI and am very grateful for having the opportunity to attend this awesome event. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Alpine Appliance

"The ASTI was great! While I didn't attend very many classes, I did a lot of networking which proved to be very beneficial. I have had almost all of the classes offered, and mainly attended the convention for the networking aspect. You guys did a great job of pulling off this venture. Kudos to all for your hard work!" Paul's Certified Appliance

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