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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekly Wednesday Stock Ideas: Dryers

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information.

Last week we focused on the dishwasher. This week we will take a look at some of the pieces on a dryer. Some of these parts are used strictly on gas dryers, some on electric, and some on both.

On an electric dryer, if you don't have power, you've got nothing. On a gas dryer, you also need power. The terminal block for Whirlpool dryers is a fairly frequent request. Many of the terminal blocks used over the years substitute to this common part, 279320.

Once there is power reaching the dryer, that power needs to make a circuit for the dryer to operate. For safety reasons, a door switch is part of completing that circuit. A common GE dryer door switch on both gas and electric models is WE4X197.


The biggest need for electricity on a gas dryer is the motor. It goes without saying electric dryers are powered by motors too. A very common motor for both gas and electric dryers in all of the Electrolux brands is the 131560100.


The next part we are considering is only used on gas dryers. All gas dryers need to ignite the gas and Frigidaire's 5303937186 is a popular style that fits in whole lot of models (some of them even from other makers).

The last electrical piece we are looking at today is also used on both gas and electric dryers. A thermistor is a temperature sensor. This one, 8577274, is located on the blower wheel housing on a number of Whirlpool brands dyers.
While we are in the neighborhood of the blower wheel, lets jump over to the Whirlpool brands and consider their blower wheel that is widely used across the Whirlpool brand. It is part number 697772 and if you service a lot of Whirlpool dryers it would make a nice addition to your inventory.

One of the reasons we get calls for blower wheels is wear and tear on the blower wheel's bearing eventually causing a failure. Bearings for the main tumbling drum also wear with time. Most GE models have a rear bearing that can be readily replaced with the WE25M40.

At the front of the dryer drum, many makers have some sort of support glide arrangement. This week we are featuring a glide that was used on many Amana dryers, 37001298.

A frequent complaint with a bad bearing, whether it be on a blower wheel, a drum or a glide is a shrieking squeaky noise. Another source of squealing might be a belt rubbing of a siezed idler pulley. A popular GE idler pulley that is used on almost 400 models is the last item we are featuring this week with a part number WE12X83. 

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