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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Repairman (With Apologies To Edgar Allen Poe)

Creative Commons license on image.
Once I was driving in traffic dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of service calls before.
While I nodded, nearly sleeping, suddenly there came a dinging,
As of my cell phone gently ringing, ringing with another chore.
"Tis some customer," I muttered, "or a dispatch from my store -
Only this, and nothing more."

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in that bleak October,
And the rain would keep on falling in a drippy wet downpour.
Eagerly I wished to fix things - plainly I had studied wirings
From my books of technical training - training so I knew the score.
I knew all about all the appliances in any showroom floor -
Nameless here forevermore.

And the sad uncertain questions when I would do repairs
Thrilled me - making me the hero like never felt before.
So that now, when asked what was wrong, I explained
"Tis just a a leaky seal on you refrigerator door -
Some warm air seeping into the refrigerator door -
This it is, and nothing more."

Presently I checked my stock; hesitating I stared in shock,
"Sir," said I, "and Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
But the fact is I am out of stock, I've double checked whats in my truck,
And so little is the air thats leaking, leaking at your refrigerator door,
And in order to make sure, I checked all around your refrigerator door; -
A tiny leak there, and nothing more.

Fearing I would be sent packing, because the needed part was lacking,
I calmly told the customer I would call up the parts store;
I assured my client all would be ok, because I deal with W.L. May,
The customer said the web they would explore,
Because they thought they'd seen a bargain online before
Merely this and nothing more.

Firing up the google searching, all over the internet they were lurching,
They said "I found it on some online site."
"Are you sure," said I, "what if they don't get it it right?
Let me see then, what page that is, and this mystery explore -
Whos is selling you the part? Is it coming from off shore?"
They said "What could go wrong? It's fine, I'm sure."

I had not even shared the price, but my clients no longer seemed so nice,
"We'll just get the part" they said, "then you can put it on the door".
I knew delivery time was longer, though they "just knew" that I was wronger
"W.L.May could have it to you tommorrow I did implore-
They stock all the parts for your refrigerator door"
They said "we will get it ourselves", and nothing more.

At first it looked like everything would work out well,
After just 10 days later, they called up my store,
Finally the part came in, Can you come out to put it in?
We scheduled the call to come do the chore -
Installing a gasket on their refrigerators door
Quoth the customer "I sure did score!"'

As I got there I looked a what they'd been sent,
It was so wrong that my jaw hit the floor;
I was used to W.L. May getting it right, but this time it was a different sight,
I opened the box that should have had a gasket for the door-
It looked like a part, but not for a door,
As into the packaging I tore

But the part, sitting lonely on the kitchen tile, was only
A washer pump, and not a seal for a refrigerator door.
Frustrated I grumbled - that website had fumbled -
This part is for a washer, I'd seen plenty before -
This isn't even close to a gasket for a door
Now how in the world could I do the chore?

Calling the customer, I stated dialing my phone,
I told them I was there ready to fix the door,
I'd have it done faster, but this order is a disaster
I'm up a creek without an oar -
You were sent a pump by that online store!
At that my client started to roar!

It was a problem that needed some fixing,
I knew I could count on my favorite part store;
I got on the phone with W.L. May, My part was in hand the very next day!
Happy I was dealing with such a good part store -
I hustled over to my clients house and I fixed that door
My customers were happy with me once more.

There's a more to tell, because it didn't end well.
When my customers emailed that online part store ;
They were promised a credit to make it all right, in 6 months it came-they were lucky alright!
Their trust had been shaken right down to the core,
In online sites that are run from off shore,
The customer said "We won't use them no more!"

With that I remembered the way, that my life was made easier by W.L. May
When I needed research help they did the chore.
They help so much I know I'm not on my own.
I get what I need very quickly and more,
They help me succeed on the road, in the store - 
I'm always prepared at the customers door.

Reviewing my options for parts and supplies
I've seen on the internet lots of parts stores,
They promise the moon the sun and the stars-
But then I remember the gasket for the door
The errors they made, and the customers roar,
Quoth this repairman, `Nevermore.'

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